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  IF you are looking for a translator or Portuguese interpreter, this is the right place. I offer simultaneous interpreting for Portuguese to English, English to Portuguese and Spanish to Portuguese. You may visually check my credentials, hear my audio CV and listen to my online voice samples recorded in two languages. I have my own transmitters & receivers for small business meetings, and a portable soundproof booth. I have interpreted in federal courts since 1995 and also do transcription, legal and technical translations.

My interpreting is fast, accurate, reliable and affordable. To eliminate uncertainty I've documented extensive experience at international conferences, seminars and conventions. If you need telephone interpreting we can set up the calls right now and handle all the details electronically. In minutes you can be speaking freely and understanding perfectly the other end of the conversation.

 This is your opportunity to get a direct bid from a working professional interpreter. By all means compare me to the competition. Interpreting is more than parroting two languages or corporate commoditization of outsourced talent. You expect an interpreter to be familiar with the subject matter--to actually understand the concepts behind the jargon. So if your assignment calls for business experience and some grasp of economics, mathematics, engineering, construction and production, you're who I'm hoping to hear from.

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