DVDs for Sale Actors, narration or nature of production
$ Lbs
Desert Heat Claude Van Damme martial arts adventure movie
Red Scorpion Dolph Lungren Soviet-era gladiators/spy
Her Alibi Tom Selleck writer falls for defendant
The Upside of Anger Kevin Costner
The Messenger Dustin Hoffman
Live Fast Die Young James Dean documentary
Dick Tracy Meets Gruesome
Prohibition-era comic strip character movie
Sphere Dustin Hoffman & Sharon Stone undersea science-fiction
The Outer Limits Sex & Science Fiction Collection
The One Jet Li martial arts science fiction
Whistle Stop; Detour -- a Double Feature DVD Haunted & Hunted, Classics of Film Noir
Camp science-fiction movie
comedy about cartoonist
Maria Full of Grace
Prohibition, drug smuggling
Songbird Stacy Keach, a Mike Hammer Story Forties detective
Bound for Glory David Carradine Woody Guthrie story 4
Scary Movie comedy spoof on a horror films
Rain Joan Crawford
Prohibition-era exposť based on Somerset Maugham story
Douglas Fairbanks swashbuckling hero
Carandiru dubbed in Hungarian Brazilian prison massacre movie 22
A Paixão da Jacobina
Brazilian mystical lady-prophet 22
Poucas e Boas Sean Penn
The Incredibles English and Portuguese
take off on Ulysses
Sin Bruce Willis
The Last of the Belles movie about F. Scott Fitzgerald's wife
Mr. Robinson Crusoe Douglas Fairbanks
Sci-Fi Invasion

Medicine Man Sean Connery
Harvard Man

Homeland security
Moslem terrorist movie 22
Natural Born Killers

Fly Jefferson Airplane Grace Slick, Paul Kantner, Jack Casady
United 93
Moslem terrorist movie 7
Girl, Interrupted
60s, flower power 5

Gun Shy

Mondays in the Sun Spanish movie, Catalan
Al Capone inaccurate documentary
Anarchy TV Zappa family, Timothy Leary
Munich avenging terrorist victims
adoption drama
Tora Tora Tora Pearl Harbor war movie
15 minutes


Rambo III Sylvester Stallone, adventure Cold War turns hot in Afghanistan 12
The Lover Vietnamese, French with subtitles
The Last Seduction
drama, grifters 4
Espionage adventure movie 4
The Butterfly Effect
psychological science fiction 5

JFK -- The Case for Conspiracy
Kennedy assassination documentary, medical forensics 9
Casanova a romantic semi-comedy
The Time Machine new version New version of HG Wells classic 6
We Don't Live Here Anymore
young marrieds drama 5
Life without Dick romantic comedy romantic comedy 4
The Order Claude Van Damme mystical cult martial arts 5
Enemy at the Gates
Russian versus German sniper war movie 6
Seven Brad Pitt, detective thriller homicidal maniac and seven deadly sins 6
The Transporter violent courier moving
Kill Bill -- 2 David Carradine, Uma Thurman gorgeous blonde seeks vengeance 7
Goodbye America American military in Philippines
Abraxas Jesse Ventura
Miss Congeniality-2 Sandra Bullock gorgeous FBI agent protecting Miss America pageant 4
Festival Express Janis Joplin, Jerry Garcia Canadian rock festival railroad 25
Cyborg Van Damme's soldier of the future military sci-fi 5
The Human Stain Anthony Hopkins, Nicole Kidman spicy drama 7
20 Years After a Woodstock reunion festival, Timothy Leary, Country Joe McDonald
Babel Brad Pitt international family dramas 7
Brother BRAPT* A Russian Movie
A Scanner Darkly yet another Philip K. Dick movie, remade as cartoon futuristic prohibition movie 6
Brick third rock star in drama movie teenagers, young adults and prohibition 5
Aeon Flux
gorgeous assassin of the future 5
Starship Troopers 2 take off on Robert Heinlein novel battling bugs on another planet 6
Expo -- Magic of the White City 1893 Chicago documentary they don't make world's fairs like they did back then 22
Daredevil Ben Affleck Marvel comics come to the screen 6
The Bourne Supremacy
secret agent spy movie 6
Fair Game

Murder by Numbers Sandra Bullock anti-Nietzsche detective movie 6
12 Monkeys Brad Pitt, Bruce Willis futuristic speculative fiction movie 6
Caramuru Discovery of Brazil, comedy in Portuguese
Bicho de Sete Cabeças How Prohibition wrecks families and ruins lives Brazilian Portuguese 25
Thanhauser, 7 Silent movies Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, other silent classics drug abuse, courier robbery, and other hot topics 25
The Little Shop of Horrors Jack Nicholson comedy horror show 5
Rogue Male Peter O'Toole activist tries to assassinate Hitler before WW II 6
Marijuana, Assassin of Youth
another reefer madness agitprop movie 9
Minority Report Tom Cruise still another Philip K. Dick future drama 7
Third Rock from the Sun, Season 2
popular TV sci-fi comedy series 15
Third Rock from the Sun, Season 3
popular TV sci-fi comedy series 15
Third Rock from the Sun, Season 6
popular TV sci-fi comedy series 15
Secret Agent, Set Three Danger Man, Patrick McGoohan in spy series
The Incredibles in English and Portuguese Walt Disney cartoon, superheroes 26
Al Capone
gangster documentary 9
Cosa Nostra, Mafia five CDs documentary set organized crime documentary 22
Forró instructional video dancing entirely in Brazilian Portuguese 30
Samba de Gafieira dance instruction video entirely in Brazilian Portuguese 30
The Long Riders David Carradine movie about Jesse James
A Simple Plan
money is found in a crashed airplane 7
Dr. Strangelove Peter Sellers, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb classic Cold War dark comedy 27
Futurama, Volume 1
Matt Groenig cartoon sci-fi comedy 16
Futurama, Volume 2
Matt Groenig cartoon sci-fi comedy 16
Futurama, Volume 3
Matt Groenig cartoon sci-fi comedy 17
In All Innocence French Drama hard-boiled attorney falls for gorgeous young defendant 7
Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow Angelina Jolie surrealistic World War II movie 7
The Shadow/Mr. Moto's Last Warning
black and white detective classics 5
Third Rock from the Sun, Season Six
sci-fi comedy television series 18
Inside the Doors Jim Morrison, in English and Portuguese documentary with performance footage 15
Gente Decente Mexican drama adultery, blackmail, etc. 7
A Garota do Rio
British movie about escaping to Rio de Janeiro 18
scary movie about tourism in South America 30
Grass Woody Harrelson pro-repeal documentary 22
Charlotte Gray
spy movie 7
Catch Me If You Can Tom Hanks, Leonardo DiCaprio counterfeiter versus FBI agent 7
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