Electricity: Language alone won't yield an understanding of the definition of energy or the work-energy theorem. Words and expressions are--like theorems and equations--but shorthand for presentation of underlying conceptual content. With fundamentals in place, a technical translator is able to keep in context the purpose of the components described in bidding documents for upgrading output at a power dam or repowering a combined-cycle power plant.  Yet how often does anyone check whether an electric power translator knows the physics behind even the simplest equipment and processes?  
And where will a translator find the specific terminology used by engineers, vendors, transporters and manufacturers?   There is but one published power industry glossary (in book format) for English and Portuguese. In order to keep on schedule with a large-scale bidding process, a technical translator must have customized glossaries prepared in advance--before the deadline starts ticking away.

Access to Energy
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Electric Power GLOSSARY sample--Amostra de GLOSSÁRIO de energia elétrica
My Electric Power reference library
Environmental GLOSSARY sample--Amostra de GLOSSÁRIO do meio ambiente

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