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Austin, Texas--Curitiba, Paraná
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LICENSING DEBATE: Lobbyists snuck in a law demanding bribes for court interpreter work permits for all languages. The federal government only certifies Spanish interpreters (and a minority creole dialect) and federal certification is voluntary. Texas should learn from the Feds. See the results and add your observations. Here is a sample of language quality offered by lobbyists for coercive licensing. The result has been to give a private corporate Houston translation agency a virtual monopoly on printing up required "education" certificates. (Aug/06 list showing them and an out-of-state association of coercive licensing advocates as the only "qualified" dispensers). Extra: Photos of collapsing subway works by government-licensed engineers in São Paulo.

For solid grounding in the application of moral and ethical values to questions of law, see  Viable Values or Moral Rights and Political Freedom by Austin's own UT Philosophy Professor Tara Smith. These are the clearest explanations yet of what rights are and why we need them. For thorough background on ethical questions generally see H.L. Mencken's 1936 "Treatise on Right and Wrong," available through online used book dealers.
The boldface website in the Yellow Pages was my idea. Test your association to see whether it holds you back or helps the buying public find your listing.
Brazil's answer to Project Gutenberg--free text, video...
Revista BRAZZILWest Coast news
The Brasilians newspaper, NY
Cool Brazilian TV commercials from way back when... Project Gutenberg: Download e-books to read on your Palm Graph of Brazil's real growing in strength against US dollar for
2005, 2006 and 2007.
Without question the funniest American writer to ever press a key--David Dodge lived and created exuberant books on Mexico, Guatemala, Peru, Brazil and Turkey. May his site never crash. Electronics for Austinites and beyond. MC Howard is out Burnet north of Hwy 183, W. down Longhorn Dr by the Coca Cola plant and turn South. Good deals, friendly service.
Crying Monkeys Chorinho band, Macacos Choram, aka Crying Monkeys featuring Sérgio Santos, has email gig announcements. Band member Darin Layne has posted some MP3 samples online foreshadowing their upcoming CD.
Strictly for medicinal and sacramental purposes, Pitú and 51 cachaça (shinny in English) can be found at Chris' Liquor Stores, 5201 Cameron Road, where 51st crosses over I-35, 451-7391, and South Lamar Blvd at Bluebonnet. Pitú e 51 podem ser encontradas na Chris' norte e sul nos endereços supracitados.
CATAVENTO Curitiba has a most impressive all-Grrrrl chorinho band, AS CHORONAS... MP3 samples, etc. LLILAS convention at UT features Favela Rising with Anderson Sá Lanic UTexas search engine collection
UTexas Latin America Information Center
Brazil Center
Susanna Sharpe, lead singer for the Samba Police has returned with a new band, Catavento, which also plays Brazilian songs.
Click to enlarge, click Ana Brasil for store website
Ana Brasil has Brazilian goodies, ingredients, art and whatnot. Off Anderson Ln on Rockwood, across from Sun Harvest--which also sells good coffee.

Sampaio’s, 4800 Burnet Rd
Mais cachaça! Agora quem vem pela North Lamar pode aproveitar e comprar Pitú no Milenko's. Fica na 8610 N. Lamar #118--logo atrás da padaria Ba Le, que vende bisnagas e pãozinhos feitos no estilo brasileiro na 8626 N. Lamar.

More cachaça! Now as you drive north on Lamar you can pick up Pitú at Milenko's. The address is 8610 N. Lamar #118--right behind the Ba Le Bakery, which sells fresh Brazilian style "French" bread at 8626 N. Lamar.
Casa Brasil, café and goodies, 5213 Evans Avenue, near Duval
Houston also has a store for Brazilian goods--with a restaurant attached, 12288 Westheimer, near the tollway. (click photo for menu, site...) This site features clipart with hard-to-find Brazilian images - Este site contém imagens brasileiras difíceis de se achar.
Austin cartoonist Sam Hurt produced Eyebeam comics for many years and now has a website containing samples of this local-flavor humor and artwork. Nameless Faceless Corporation's automated phone system. Click the speaker. = ) Brazilian travel photo slideshow set to music (It takes a minute to load)
Brasil energia Online Best source of regulatory, bidding, and international financial energy information for Brazil. One of the best book and software sources in Brazil, with a large selection of pulp and electronic dictionaries, plus a nifty music department. is the funniest collection of real-world translation gaffes.   Ingreis...
Test your comprehension of spoken Portuguese (including such regionalisms as Tex-Tupi) with this constantly-changing, subtitles-optional collection of animated political cartoons from IBM offers the best website machine translation yet. Since it is machine translation, don't expect anything like human quality. Paste the URL and go. This site is built with IBM HPB.
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