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To choose between two candidates, the differences are what count. I offer a full-time certified professional translator and interpreter with a 4-year university language degree; a self-employed entrepreneur 22 years a member of ATA who values professional freedom and voluntary consent. See my credentials at
This is not a schoolteachers’ association.
Candidates favor policies that benefit their professional interests, not necessarily yours
Schoolteachers, bureaucrats, politicians and lobbyists favor policies which benefit their own professions just as I favor mine. Lobbyists want you enrolled at their diploma mills—rather than accredited universities. "Grandfathered interpreter" licensees seek testing requirements to eliminate competitors just as corporate agencies want laws that hobble small companies. As president I advertised our local association so that all members had increased opportunities for employment based on the following ethical precept:
I ask you to vote your conscience
 "Exemplify in your work a courageous regard for the whole membership, and not just some powerful and influential faction thereof with which you come in close personal contact." --JHP
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