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CURRENT WORK: Many rolling mill visits and company meetings internationally, presentations on unconventional gas exploration, school corporation meetings, in-house sight translation on a geophysical bidding process, audio recording of medical convention presentation translations. I’ve interpreted drug protocols, a urology convention, a weeks-long MARPOL case in district court, numerous district court cases involving border infractions, food industry conventions, packing plant visits, software and hardware company meetings and presentations, and high-value oil and energy-industry depositions and mediation proceedings for law offices. Since 1995 I've interpreted immigration court proceedings nationwide, in-person and telephonically. Born in Puerto Rico, a 20-year resident of South America, my Portuguese is that of a native of Brazil, where I went to grade school.

My best areas are oil & gas, geophysics, mining, power dams, steel mills, maritime pollution, banking & finance, agribusiness, packing plants, court work and corporate financial meetings. I’m a partner in TIP Ltda, with Thelma Sabim, public translator commissioned by the State of Paraná, for official Brazilian procurement process translations and interpreting.

I've interpreted conferences: military, diplomatic, industrial, scientific, medical and legal—some of them lasting several days—for governments, universities, companies, law offices and agencies. I set up a dba as Brazilian Translated in 1990, earned active member status in the ATA (American Translators Association) with certifications from Spanish and Portuguese into English and English into Portuguese. Then I opened Portugueseinterpreter.com in 2002. Working as a document translator certified in three directions gives me a deeper understanding of many of the subjects I interpret, down to their legal, financial and accounting details. (See credentials, schedule and voice samples online)

EDUCATION: B.A. in Portuguese/Spanish, University of Texas at Austin, 1996.
Previously, at the same school, I majored briefly in Engineering and Mathematics. From 1993 to 1996 I worked through college as an interpreter for Executive Education and the IC² Institute, doing simultaneous interpretation of MBA curriculum coursework. I have a 4.0 GPA in Spanish and Portuguese.

Worked at Dr. Petr Beckmann’s Access to Energy newsletter, briefly edited American Defense in 1987, and edited and published PL DATA for the Portuguese Language Division of the ATA from 1992 through 1995 while going to school, translating, and grading translation tests. I still publish articles on translation and interpreting, and explanations of financial panics.

EQUIPMENT: Portable standalone booth, table transmitters, receivers enough for 20 listeners and two interpreters, three charging cases, mics, small mixer, Mac and PC computers.

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