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Online simultaneous
Call 512/834-1941 or 512/837-5708 to schedule consecutive telephonic interpreting. There is a 10-minute minimum and I accept PayPal through PayPal invoices. To prepay send me an email to ask for an invoice for $8.00 for each 10 minutes you want to schedule, major credit cards work just fine. PLEASE DO NOT send PayPal money to my regular email addresses. Wait for the invoice--it takes only a few minutes. If you want a different invoice, I can change or cancel them--even issue refunds if, say, nobody answers. More info for agencies...

Simultaneous online interpreting--using two phone lines--can also be arranged. Please be aware that telephones are nowhere near as good as in-person professional equipment for simultaneous interpreting. Several long-distance carriers offer three-way-calling. Call the operator for details. Internet services such as Skype fail as conference call venues, but they are useful for exchanging notes, comments and reference material during telephone interpreting sessions. Speakerphones are generally not suitable for consecutive interpreting of meetings from a distance. If you want to use a speakerphone you should test the system in advance. There are professional companies we can hire to set up teleconferences, but those cost extra.

For sight interpreting involving bidding documents, etc., I'll need a copy of the material to be covered.  You decide how fast we go, which parts to skim through quickly, and what sections to go through carefully.  For evaluation of oil and gas bidding documents it is not unusual to go through these documents nearly as fast as you can read your own language.
Federal District Court officers may simply call and schedule consecutive interpretation appointments. Fax me the voucher form or tell me where to find the download.

Courts routinely approve motions to appear telephonically--an alternative to costly travel. Interpreters handle interviews, depositions, civil cases and clarifications of all sorts--quickly and affordably--over the telephone.  For arriving at a mutual understanding, there is no time like real-time.  
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