What kind of interpreting do you need? Telephone Interpreting: My availability is online. If you want a PayPal invoice sent to you just ask. Next, set up the 3-way conference call and speak naturally, pausing here and there to let the interpreter fill in. Tabletop speakerphones usually do not work well enough for interpreting. Internet chat programs with voice capability are likewise usually not good enough for 3-way calls with interpreting.
Simultaneous Interpreting: Outside of Austin I charge by the day. I am willing to work half-days inside of Austin. I will ask a few questions, such as the zip code of the event, how many attendants, and whether you already have a booth and equipment, before sending in my one-page bid. The bid will typically specify a flat fee for services. Prepayment results in the lowest rate. For credit I charge a retainer.
Depositions: The court reporter usually brings enough equipment for spoken depositions. I do not offer video recording services, so you will have to hire those separately. I do have directional microphones and lavalier microphones, headsets and amplifiers.
Equipment: Interpreters use equipment to work more than twice as fast with fewer errors. For simultaneous booth interpreting, sound is piped to the interpreter's headset in one language, and out the interpreter's microphone in another. This eliminates uncertain memorization of lengthy discourses and the speaker need not repeat anything. I use two brands of portable and tabletop transmitters to send to battery-powered receivers with headsets. These change channels easily, so we can always find a quiet part of the radio spectrum to use. Equipment cuts the time by half, so equipment-enhanced interpreting costs less per unit of information delivered.
Enylton de Sá Rego was my Professor The secret to quality is preparation. I can transform recordings of a speaker's online presentations into portable audio media and "study" that individual's voice and material while traveling--the way I listen to my own audio glossaries to brush up on specialized terminology. The interpreter also needs to peruse a copy of anything the speaker reads or consults. I will return, delete or tear up the material once the presentation is done.
Do you want a real person or a faceless corporation's commodity?
Credentials: BA in Portuguese/Spanish, University of Texas at Austin, 1996; ATA translator Certifications: Portuguese and Spanish into English, and English into Portuguese. Berlitz sight translation test No. 1568.  Berlitz  immigration court Portuguese interpreting test No. 30930.   (see Credentials for certificate images). Hear my bilingual talking CV. Talk to other interpreters who have worked with me. For additional credentials, such as a letter from a judge or live recording, contact me directly. Only by dealing with an individual can you really know what you are getting.

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